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IT Skills and Digital Literacy

Supporting study and enhancing employability

How can Albert Expert help you?

Albert Expert can help you to:

  • Get an overview of how good your IT skills are already.
  • Look in detail at a specific MS Office programme, and see where you could improve.
  • Get feedback on your Word documents, by submitting them to Albert Expert.

The Skills Catalogue will help you find resources on specific skills quickly.

More information on Albert Expert is also available.

What's New?

  • Writing a thesis? Check this out!

    If you are writing a thesis, ensure your document is ready to combine by completing this checklist, with resources attached.
  • The PTES is now open

    The Postgraduate Taught Student Experience survey is now open, until 16th June 2014. All postgraduate taught students should spare a few minutes to give us valuable, national feedback on your experience. Please follow the link from the email that you received.
  • Pop up library opens with 220 extra study spaces

    From 28th April to 6th June in the Kings Road Centre. It is open from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays. See online for more information Opens in a new window..
  • Get Microsoft Office Professional Plus for FREE!

    See the IT Service Info Page Opens in a new window. for more details about this deal.

IT Skills Tutorials

What are you studying?

I'm here for IT Induction - I'm a new student.


Medicine (MBBS A100 and A101).

Biomedical Sciences and related degrees.




Civil Engineering.


Postgraduate research (PhD) and MRes Biomedical Sciences or other postgraduate qualification.

MSc Medical Sciences.

MSc Psychology.

MSc Civil Engineering and related degrees.

MSc Evidence-based Practice in Communication Disorders.


PG Clinical Psychology (PhD, IAPT, CBT).

MSc Public Health.

MSc Restorative/Clinical Dentistry.

MRes Biomedical Sciences and related programmes.

All students

I want a complete list of all courses available.

IT Skills Resources

Skills Catalogue: lists all skills taught across all disciplines.

Use Albert Expert to audit your skills or receive feedback.

How To guides to techniques not covered by the IT tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions and unusual IT problems answered.

Quick reference guides to Office and other software.

Videos demonstrating key skills.

Images - guide to resources.

Additional support

Getting started with:

Getting help.

Other IT software you may find useful including free/cheap licences.

General Information about the Faculty of Medical Sciences computing clusters.

Office 2003 archived materials.

Office 2007/2010 archived materials.


Evaluation forms.

About us and our research.

Information for Postgraduate Demonstrators ONLY.

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